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G3D Studio is a VFX In-House and outsourcing service organization with a mission to provide quality and timely delivery to its worldwide clients.

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About Our Studio

The G3D Studio is a leading VFX post-production company based in Patna, India. Creating high-end visual effects (VFX) for Hollywood and Bollywood Movies, Web Series, TV Serials, TV Commercials, and many more.

As well as we provide a full range of post-Production services: Rotoscope, Compositing, Keying, Match-Move, Colour Grading, Film Colorization, Video Editing, 3D Stereoscopic work VFX Paint and wire/patch removing.

We proudly announce that G3D Studio is launched a Graphics, Motion Graphics and Website Design/Development wings along with digital marketing with highly experienced designers and developers.

What We Do!!

Our studio provides various kinds of services i.e. movies, web series and commercial ads post-production, graphics, Motion graphics, website design/development and digital marketing.


Rotoscope (Input) | G3D Studio Rotoscope (Alpha output) | G3D Studio

G3D Studio specializes in articulate¬†Rotoscope/Rotoscoping and matte creation. We have been created mattes for many studios. For any size project, from lightning-fast turnaround commercials to longer-term feature film…

Keying/Chroma Key
Keying (input) | G3D Studio Keying (output) | G3D Studio

Keying/Chroma key is also a matte creation work and an alternate way of Rotoscope work, in which green color or blue color screen is used to remove the background alpha matte of any object and character

VFX Paint
VFX Paint (input) | G3D Studio VFX Paint (output) | G3D Studio

VFX Paint / Clean up is the process of removing unwanted things or artifacts (like wire, mic and any other objects which is disturbing the footage) and reconstruct a background or digitally correct a render/clip.

Film Colorization
Colorization (input) | G3D Studio Colorization (output) | G3D Studio

Film colorization is a process that is used to add color to black & white or any other monochrome moving-picture images. This is widely used where we have black & white films, it adds special effects to restore any color films…

Compositing (input) | G3D Studio Compositing (output) | G3D Studio

Compositing is the stage of production where images of each element in a shot are combined and integrated to become one unified image. Compositing is a discipline that spans several departments at G3D Studio, but the Compositing…

Matchmove (Input) | G3D Studio Matchmove (Output) | G3D Studio

In visual effects, Matchmoving is a technique that allows the insertion of computer graphics into live-action footage with the correct position and makes it looks like a real clip.

Web/Graphics/Digital Marketing

Graphics & Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is merely an animated version of graphic design that is filled with creative elements, signs, and symbols. Graphic images when blended perfectly…

Website Design/Development
Website Development | G3D Studio

G3D Studio deals with creating various types of websites, be it a static website, dynamic website, eCommerce website, WordPress website, or Joomla website…

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC, SMO | G3D Studio

Digital marketing refers to the promotion of any brand over a digital media platform with the potential customers using the Internet as the prime medium…

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