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Keying service or a Chroma key is an alternative approach for Rotoscope work. It is an alternate method of matte creation in which a desired is achieved through the green or blue color screen or by using green or blue color paint. The background of any object or character can be removed using these two colors. Keying or Chroma key works to achieved by screen replacement or the background replacement using blue or green color according to requirements.

It is a process by which a specific color can be removed from an image frame or video and that portion of the image frame or video can be replaced. It involves the process of removing a solid color. It is an integral technique for modern filmmaking. There are multiple keying services in India but consider G3D Studio for Chroma key or keying services as G3D Studio is an outsourcing service organization that aims at quality and on-time delivery of services worldwide.

Keying/Chroma Key Input & Output | G3D Studio

How does the chrome key work?

Chroma key technology might feel complex, yet it is one of the easiest VFX to implement. It is a simple process that requires a good amount of technics and craft. In the early days, it was called Sodium Vapor Process. It was basically developed for Disney’s Mary Poppins. It was an innovative method to work around the glowing edge and this invaded the early blue screen process.

With a little more effect and innovation, and Sodium Vapor process was turned into a keying or Chrome key. It is a professional-grade trial version that has been put into execution.

It is generally assumed that the specific color being used would be the greatest consideration but the reality is something different. In reality, it is the green color lighting that demonstrates the quality of the light effects.

Using the plugin in Premier or with the help of Chroma key apps you can execute the chroma key effect in After Effects. But this will not get you the most desired effect as it is not as straightforward as it looks. You would require professionals to handle and create a chrome effect with the help of the chroma key technique. G3D Studio should be your first and best choice for availing keying service. It is the largest outsourcing service organization that provides its service worldwide.

Why choose G3D Studio for Keying/ Chrome key?

  • Cost-effective: It is the most crucial point as every industry requires such a technique that would be able to help in cost-cutting. What best you can get than the Crpome key technique by G3D Studio?
  • Affordable service: It has proven to be one of the cheapest techniques for on-location shooting. When you plan for outdoor shooting, it requires a huge amount of expanse from transportation to stay and food. And the worst part is the weather condition, which no one has control over. So at that very time, Chrome key technology would be a beneficial solution. As with the help of the chroma key technique, you will be able to create the desired background for yourself.
  • Reduce work of Rotoscoping: Chrome key technology is the alternative method to rotoscoping. And if the characters and props are shooted properly with the help of a green screen or blue screen then there is no need to go through the masking process. And this our professional team is much aware of and take care of it properly.
  • Fast post-production process: With G3D Studio, the keying technique would be much more efficient as it is ideal for replacing the background. They make use of creative ideas for backplates that deliver the desired, quick, and convincing post-production output.
  • Reusable materials: The colors used in keying are standard for any shooting conditions so the materials can be reused. This again helps in cost-cutting.
  • Portable and convenient: As only some colors and cloth materials are used which makes it easy to carry and convenient at the same time.
  • Streamlines post-production: It helps when you require to do digital body double shooting. It carries out this process with much ease and looks real which simplifies the post-production process.

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G3D Studio offers and outsources a wide range of services for movies, webs series, commercial ads, and many more. Out of which Keying technique service is well known across the globe and G3D Studio deals in keying outsource work in Patna. When looking for such a service, do consider G3D Studio.
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