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G3D Studio is specialized in creating VFX Rotoscoping work or Roto work in India. It is a powerful tool that can project your imagination on screen. Rotoscoping is tremendously used these days in movies, televisions, and video games & its experience is just amazing. It will take you to an entirely imaginary world. It is what you can call a modern avatar of years old innovation made by Americans in the field of photography.

The invention of the Rotoscope was indeed done by American animators named Imax and Dave Fleisher and was earlier called Layering. But today, G3D Studio has taken VFX Rotoscoping to just the next level in the entertainment industry and is far quicker, effective, and innovated than it used to be when invented. We have well-trained and professional roto artists who are desire to perform rotoscope work with ease and perfection.

rotoscope/rotoscoping service | G3D Studio

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What is VFX Rotoscope or Rotoscoping?

rotoscope/rotoscoping work | G3D Studio

VFX Rotoscope, also known as Roto, Rotoscope, or Rotoscoping, is a technique of animation which involves the practice of tracing over live-action footage frame by frame and tends to produce a graphical image for both animation and live-action projects.

Rotoscoping services in India are trending these days in the Movies, Web Series, Commercial ads Post-production industry. The entertainment industry is booming due to its technique, filming, and attracting more crowds than ever. As rotoscoping aids the benefit of adding more visual effects to the live actions. If you are in search of a reliable and someone who is an expert in Rotoscoping services across the world, then G3D Studio will be glad to help you and provide its beneficial services.

VFX Rotoscoping is a quick action as instead of drawing everything by your hand, you can trace the live-action footage and put the animation process. Rotoscoping, in earlier days, was done with the help of the device called Rotoscope, which is now replaced and done quicker with the use of computers.

What does VFX Rotoscope/Rotoscoping (vfx roto work) do:

Roto with outline | G3D StudioVFX Rotoscope is a pure example of great innovation made in the field of photography. It is made possible with VFX Rotoscoping that you can remove the background for the particular object and then place the object with another background of your choice. For instance, you choose your picture with the background of the car, then edit and remove the background and fix your picture with the background of your choice say Eiffel Tower or Taj Mahal.

The color of the object can also be changed depending upon the need. With the help of rotoscoping technic, you can save the cost of expansive movie setups as well. Rotoscoping is not a simple technique, instead, it is a complex software technology that requires various tools and procedures to turn the imagination into the derived objective.

From entertainment industries to the gaming sector to personal use, the virtual effect is widespread all over and with Rotoscope it is gaining popularity these days. It has also made its presence in the educational sector and people are now more aware and use it. It has made learning more engaging and entertaining.

Any VFX artist should possess rotoscoping skills and for that, you can contact G3D Studio. G3D studio is an established provider of VFX Rotoscoping film techniques.



G3D Studio is among the few rotoscoping services provider in India worldwide that are known for providing a range of services that comes under rotoscoping services and are ready to meet the requirements of our clients. It is the reason why our clients chose us and do not move further for the next time.

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